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Dale Waagmeester

Banks Sails of the West Coast

Dale has been working on sails since he was 12 years old. That's over 25 years of sailmaking expertise available to you and your boat. He is a veteran offshore racer, sailing races such as the Oregon Offshore, Swiftsure, Victoria-Maui, Newport-Ensenada, etc. He has also raced in many one-design regattas, winning everything from the Ranger 20 Nationals, to the North American One Ton Championships. Dale's real love, however, is design work. One of the early pioneers in the computer design revolution, Dale is an innovator in sail design and construction. His designs have won many local and national championships.


  • Experience
    Dale Waagmeester heads a team of sailmakers in a combination of experience and skill. With a rich sailing heritage and a wonderful life in sailing, Dale is confident he can help you build an inventory of the best sails for your vessel - small or large.
  • Banks Sails
    Being the West Coast representative for Banks Sails gives significant support to our sail making efforts. As part of Banks Sails we participate with the best minds in the world for sail design and development. This includes important CAD programs and other technological advances. Our shop has the ability to draw and cut a CAD Design to exact specifications.
  • Equipment
    The sailmaking facilities in our Portland shop can accommodate every challenge with ease. Our quality craftsmanship shows in our work as we use the best equipment available - and our dedication is evident as we incorporate modern technology into our methods.
  • Responsiveness
    Talk with Dale about your sail inventory and let him help you design the best package, whether you are interested in the highest performance or building versatile components. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge.
Sailboat - Tom Moyers
The sail inventory for this 118' sailboat was made by Waagmeester Sails for Tom Moyers.

One of our sail workrooms where cutting, bonding, and sewing takes place.

Sail Loft
The Sail Loft handles big and small projects.